High Gloss Car Wax

High Gloss Car Wax

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High Gloss Wax

ASI High Gloss Wax is specifically designed for use on today’s high-tech clear coat, acrylic and enamel finishes. It is an easy to use product that will actually clean the surface of tar, grease, oil, and road grime while being used to wax the surface of the vehicle.

ASI High Gloss Wax can also be used as a swirl remover, or to mask light scratches. This product makes for a great one step wax leaving a long lasting shine.

Simply wash heavy dirt and mud from your car. (If bugs and road grime are present, they will be removed by ASI High Gloss Wax during cleaning.) Then, apply small amounts of ASI High Gloss Wax to a clean, dry terry cloth. Rub mildly until product dries to a light haze. Using a clean dry cloth, rub mildly to remove the light haze to a shine. Continue rubbing mildly until the desired shine is achieved. Avoid waxing large sections in direct sunlight. Where swirls and light scratches appear, just reapply in that area and buff until imperfections disappear. It is that Simple!

Repeat process approximately every 3 months. Your paint job will have a shine compared to none and is protected against ultraviolet radiation.

ASI High Gloss Wax is sold around the globe under various private labels. Let ASI work with you to market our High Gloss Wax to your customers. Our High Gloss Wax works so well it can sell itself.

PRODUCT Benefits

  • Safely and effectively removes oxidation and other contaminents from all paint, plastic and fiberglass surfaces
  • Removes grime and road film
  • Can be applied in direct sunlight (small sections)
  • Prevents bug smears from penetrating through paint and into primer
  • Remove scratches and finish out new paint jobs
  • Mask swirls, light scratches, and imperfections in your car’s finish

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We’re very proud of the fact that all ASI products are produced the USA. Our 40,000 sq. foot facility in Central Florida has the capacity to produce 50,000 bottles of product daily; that includes bottling, labeling, capping and sealing.

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